Tim Seymour is a Composer and Songwriter from the New Forest, Hampshire.

2023 saw Tim score his first award winning short film "Homologies" for Hollywood film making Director and Writer/Producer duo Bryerly Long & Tatiana Blackington James.

He also composed and recorded his first Classical album "Cry of the Forest" with the Nova Foresta Classical Players.

Tim recently undertook a year long Composer Coaching mentoring program with Disney's ex "Vice-President of Music Production" Andy Hill.

In 2022 Tim studied "Film and Game Scoring" through the European Academy of Fine Arts where he was awarded a Graduate Diploma.

Previously, Tim has independently recorded and released music encompassing multiple different genres, both as a solo artist and as the Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist for the Rock band "My Endeavour". Several of the bands songs were featured in the online video games Frets on Fire and Audition Online.

TAKE ME TO A NICE PLACE (Trailer) - A Short Film By Kristof Brandl - Sci-Fi / Thriller

FENESTRA - A Short Film by Jason Sheedy - Sci-Fi / Thriller

MARRY ME - A Short Film by Eugen Merher - Thriller / Drama / Suspense

GABRIEL - A Short Film by Oren Gerner - Drama / Suspense

PROSCHAY - A Short Film by Joanns Buncelmans  - Drama / Romance / War

HOMOLOGIES (Trailer) - A Short film by Bryerly Long - Sci-fi / Drama

CRY OF THE FOREST - Album sample

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