Tim Seymour is a Composer and Songwriter from the New Forest, Hampshire in the UK.

Tim cites his passion for composing to leaving the movie theatre for the first time as a young child after watching "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" and being moved to tears unconsolably. Later realising that it was the mastery of John Williams score during the closing scene perfectly married to Steven Spielberg's images on screen that created such a lasting impression and emotional reaction.

His musical journey began as the Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist for the Rock band "My Endeavour". Several of the bands songs were featured in the online video games Frets on Fire and Audition Online. As a solo artist he independently wrote, recorded and released music encompassing multiple genres.

In 2022 Tim studied "Film and Game Scoring" through the European Academy of Fine Arts where he was awarded a Graduate Diploma, prior to which he had studied Orchestration as a private student with Dr. Norman Ludwin.

2023 saw Tim score his first award winning short film "Homologies" for Hollywood film making Director and Writer/Producer duo Bryerly Long & Tatiana Blackington James.

He also composed and recorded his first Classical album "Cry of the Forest" with the Nova Foresta Classical Players which was funded via a grant from the Arts Council England.

Tim recently undertook a year long Composer Coaching mentoring program with Andy Hill, Disney's ex "Vice-President of Music Production" and current "Dean" of the Film Scoring Academy of Europe.

He was also admitted as an Associate Composer on the two year SoundHub scheme with the London Symphony Orchestra.

TAKE ME TO A NICE PLACE (Trailer) - A Short Film By Kristof Brandl - Sci-Fi / Thriller

FENESTRA - A Short Film by Jason Sheedy - Sci-Fi / Thriller

MARRY ME - A Short Film by Eugen Merher - Thriller / Drama / Suspense

GABRIEL - A Short Film by Oren Gerner - Drama / Suspense

PROSCHAY - A Short Film by Joanns Buncelmans  - Drama / Romance / War

HOMOLOGIES (Trailer) - A Short film by Bryerly Long - Sci-fi / Drama

CRY OF THE FOREST - Album sample

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